Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bloggin' time oh my

I did promise you shiny pictures yesterday, Pedro. So here we go, shiiiiiiiny pictures. Oh my.
Art practice really, from the Preston Blair course. I had a few goes at each head because, well, nutters if I'm gonna get it right the first time...
or the last time....

Oh yes and I stowed the tape in my 'neat things' drawer. I'll have to have a go through that one of these days and inventory all the items in it. I mean. Because its full of neat things, aye?

Also found something else interesting on top of my scanner... but like, beneath the other junk.


Has anyone figured out how to use that 'Pro Media Director' minidisc for gamesaves and media on the PSP when the PSP doesn't actually take discs...?

Still confuses me.

Taking suggestions on alternative uses for it though :D

So far all's I've got is frisbee or drink coaster, I really must think up something completely novel to do with a useless minidisc.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Oh how I have missed thee.

1. You really need to darken your drawings before posting, so as to make them visibler.

2. Do the cool things drawer inventory. ASAP. <3

3. Read my story on FB. It's in my notes, title Five of Hearts.