Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazarus Project

Well I'm going to leave that first posting because it amuses me in strange and unusual ways, and as a future warning of what NOT to do in public... ever... again.
Yes well, I've never quite known the real purpose for a blog, but it would seem ingenious people have discovered various uses and so the blog lives on. I'll be posting here more in the future, that I know. Do I know what I'll be posting? not exactly.
I'll be posting pictures of my cleverly dreadful attempts at art practice, at behest of my boyfriend. I'll be posting wittily sarcastic snipes at anyone I think I can take a shot at, I'll be posting something now that will be completely embarrassing ten years down the road.
But its all good, no one reads my blog so I can get away with this, right right? yes? yes lets keep this our little secret.
Who am I talking to, you ask? When I have just admitted to having no readers, why to you of course, my imaginary friend Pedro. Pedro's from the Antarctic, he snuck over the great polar bear line in the wee hours of a cold January day, and now works for pennies a day stitching the fabric of my reality back together after I smash it to pieces :D

Well that was surely more than I had in mind to post when I set to writing this post. Toodles for now, till later. I suppose.