Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bloggin' time oh my

I did promise you shiny pictures yesterday, Pedro. So here we go, shiiiiiiiny pictures. Oh my.
Art practice really, from the Preston Blair course. I had a few goes at each head because, well, nutters if I'm gonna get it right the first time...
or the last time....

Oh yes and I stowed the tape in my 'neat things' drawer. I'll have to have a go through that one of these days and inventory all the items in it. I mean. Because its full of neat things, aye?

Also found something else interesting on top of my scanner... but like, beneath the other junk.


Has anyone figured out how to use that 'Pro Media Director' minidisc for gamesaves and media on the PSP when the PSP doesn't actually take discs...?

Still confuses me.

Taking suggestions on alternative uses for it though :D

So far all's I've got is frisbee or drink coaster, I really must think up something completely novel to do with a useless minidisc.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Firstly may I congratulate you if you stopped to try and sound the title out, it's a rather fun sound.
Secondly I'm not posting art today because there's a lot of odds and ends on my scanner. Printer rather, but it doubles as a scanner, and the scanner-y part is the part covered in my debris. That and I have only one page of several days worth of effort with which to astound and amaze.
So instead I'll just tell you what's sitting on my scanner.
I've got two packs of honey lemon Cepacol which, after needing nigh constantly last winter, I haven't needed in the least this year. Figures I would have more than enough when I don't need it at all.
I've got a Shinra zippo lighter, still in box beside em, some stickers I can't begin to remember where I got them, they're entirely bizarre anyway. Two mangled graduation pictures, my own of course. A pack of really awesome pens in all the colors of the rainbow. A roll of aluminum tape, that is, metal tape. It's the coolest thing I think I have ever found in the hardware store. I mean really tape... but it's also metal, how is that not amazing? It's like glue that's also a coffee creamer, simply fantastic.
Atop the roll of shiny metal tape we have a carefully tissue-wrapped package of pearl beads, in three girly colors. Sitting on top of that we have a roll of electrical tape. I use that instead of bandaids when I'm at work, bandaids tend to fall off, but electrical tape damn well stays till you want it off. Plus it makes a smashing fashion statement to have black tape wrapped haphazard all over your hands.
Then we have a tumble of Ice Cubes gum, simple the tastiest, awesomest, best gum I've ever chewed. And I've chewed a lot of gum. I've got me a package of dragonfruit, one of raspberry sorbet, and one of spearmint, tried and true. Then a package of minty smoothie tums, always useful item to have on hand, though take care folks, if you're liable to nom whilst at your computer, make sure there's something ELSE to hand than the tums.... they don't make very good snacks!
Then I think there's a trial package of photopapers that came with the printer under the lot of that and some other paper-like items I should probably have trashed eons ago, but for all the packratty reasons, have yet to dispose of.
Gots me a half empty box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates in a heartshaped box as well (see? other snacks. Keeps you safe from the tums).
There's a duck eraser under the pile of Ice Cube gumpacks. Gots me a bracelet and a hair elastic and two pens hiding under a smurf notebook my boyfriend gave me to draw in. One's a sharpie, the other is a red/blue/pencil pen, all three in one. Addicted to those pens now even though all I ever use is the pencil.
On top of the smurfy sketch/notebook we have my cell-a-ma-phone, almost dead, really should put it on the charger tonight.
I could pile more onto my scanner, that giant list being but a minimal topping, but then I know I'd never find it again. So as soon as I figure out which drawer the tape, metal and not, is going in, I may be able to use my scanner again.
If I post tomorrow with prettyful pictures (or not so prettyful) then you'll know I found the tape drawer to put the tape in.
I may even tell you where I stashed the tape. You'd want to know that yes? Yes.
Night now.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gentlemen, start your pencils.

Ok so here's some art practice done from the Andrew Loomis book. Not much to say so we'll let the pictures distract you from my lack of talking, yes? Yes.