Monday, August 17, 2009

A Tale of Many Tails


So, I saw this
I just HAD
to draw...

So off to the
rooftop, off to
the sleigh, off
to the hippopotamus
sleeping in the hay...

Through crepes and
capers, I hunt
for my dearest
pencil and

Till I happen upon
the little mouse
a-nibbling, snatch
my tools free and
start a-scribbling.

I toil and
I strive, even
though it seems
my eraser may
not survive!

...And on I toil
through night,
till morning's light!
Wait... that's not
quite right...

And the masterpiece!
She is fin! (and fishy)
I glee, I clap,
I let loose my
batty grin!

I pause.

I contemplate
what I have

I cringe.

I think it might
resemble a donkey...


Here's the full comic in its... full...y.... goodness.

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